Sunday, July 22, 2007

Mohawk Buddies

Caleb came over for a hair cut on Tuesday so we gave him a mohawk too...he wasn't a huge fan so it was shaved off on Friday night

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Soccer Pictures

Saturday was team picture day. Here are Jordan and his classmate Julia's pictures

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Corn & Oreos

Alex has discovered corn on the cob and oreos this summer. I am not sure which makes a bigger mess...but I do know that the oreos create the funniest smiles!

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Baby Evie

Joy, Evie and Joanie stopped by and Alex was in love! I was surprised that he was so kind and gentle with Evie!

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Bike Jump

Chad, Jordan and Josh built a small bike jump last weekend and all of them took part in the fun. Even Alex needed a turn in Kendra's stroller!

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Watercade Fireworks

Friday July, 6 we watched the Litchfield Watercade fireworks from Jes' dock and set off a few of our own. Alex wasn't sure he liked the sparklers at first but after Jordan demonstrated the fun, Alex was all in.

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