Wednesday, November 14, 2007

Haut Koenigsbourg

Haut Koenigsbourg is a 12th century castle which is in France...we spent most of our time in France.
Stella was Jordan's shadow...Stella kept telling Jordan "I love you Jordan".

The castle was taken over by renegade knights (to explain this to Jordan and Stella we told them renegade knights were like pirates on horses) in the 15th century and essentially destroyed. The castle was rebuilt in 1804-05 with items found in the rubble or from in the area.
The cannon still smelled like black powder.


Pia, Stella, Jordan and I went to Strassbourg and climbed one of the towers...these are pictures from the first viewing area at 33 meters (about 100 feet). I chickened out and couldn't go up the rest of the way...Pia and the kids did so I will have to get the really high pictures from Pia. This was high enough for me! but the view was amazing.


We are on our way! Jordan waiting patiently in the airport for our first flight of the day to Detroit, MI
Colmar, France also known as "Little Venice"
The first full day Jordan and I were awake in Europe was spent in Colmar with Pia and Stella our wonderful tour guides.
Enjoying the gondola ride thru "Little Venice"


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