Tuesday, November 20, 2007

Fall Fun

We have lucked out this year and haven't had any measurable snow yet so the kids can still play in the leaves. Alex says, "Pile" every time he walks out the door. He can't not walk thru the leaves when he is outside whether you want him to or not!


Ok...I keep thinking I want to do this in order but I just haven't been motivated to get more of our trip pics on this site so I am going to put Halloween pics up instead. Jordan was Davey Jones from Pirates of the Caribbean and Alex was a spider.

Kendra was a skunk...we found this display while we were trick or treating and had to take a pic.
Alex with his candy at the end of the night...he learned a few new words that night...Halloween, treat, candy and not a new word, but his very favorite that night "MINE"


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