Friday, January 21, 2011


I know that we chose to live in Minnesota but SERIOUSLY?!?!?!  This was the temp in a friend's car earlier today...yes, here in Litchfield...not in the arctic circle!!

 School was 2 hours late, I had extra daycare kids coming at 6:45 and Jordan was already awake so we decided to make this ...

Blueberry Banana Bread!
It is delicious!!  And all before 8am!! I think that is a productivity record for me!!

Lunch is in the oven. Big kids are playing nicely in the basement. Little kids are playing nicely in the living room and soon it will be nap time! :)

Friday, January 14, 2011


Right now...Alex and Kendra are trying to make this

I just looked it up. There are 14 very detailed steps...

Monday, January 03, 2011

2010 Review in Pictures

I saw this on a blog and thought it was a great idea. Here is a quick look at our year in pictures.

Lots of snow and outside fun. I love this picture of the boys playing at the park!

We had a day off of school and took advantage of some free passes to Nickelodeon Universe in the Mall of America with our friends Bryce and Zach

Chad's birthday and the return of grass on the frozen tundra!

Jordan played Winthrop in the LCCT production of "The Music Man" and did a great job!!

Chad and I took a trip to Mexico (all by ourselves thanks to Jes!!) for Troy and Angela's wedding.

School ended and the boys got their summer cuts!!

Jordan turned 12.

We all learned how to tube...some of us re-learned after a 15 year hiatus! 

Jordan got to go on the trip of a lifetime to China with Grandma Ginny, Katie and Maggie!
 They hiked 13+ miles along the Great Wall and
took a 9 hour train ride to Xian to see the Terracotta Warriors!

Alex got a job as an assistant to the blacksmith at the Forest History Center in Hibbing, MN, he still tells us this when we tell him he needs to get to work!

School started again...Jordan is a 7th grader at LMS

and Alex is in his second year of preschool at Crackerjack.

A month of beautiful weather for the tundra brought lots of time to play outside and soak up all the sun to help us through the long winter!!

We headed south to Dubuque to see the Lynchs and Sr. Catherine.

LOTS of snow and outdoor fun!! Jordan tried skiing for the first time.
We celebrated Christmas with family.

Celebrated Alex's 5th birthday at the Firehall.
And rang in the New Year in style!
We had a pretty great year and had lots of fun with family and friends near and far!

Here's to a great 2011!!


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