Monday, April 19, 2010

Alex-isms 4-19-10

Here are some more Alex-isms to share with you:

"Jordan, I don't need your ken-ology" - I still haven't figured out what this really means but he says it when Jordan is trying to tell him what to do.

"Oh, you broke my pie-ness!" - Not what you think!  I don't know where he learned about it, but he is referring to his appendix.  He pointed to a spot above his right hip on his stomach...who knew?!?!?

I was trying to take pictures of the boys in the pool this weekend. As I walked around the side of the hot tub Alex yelled, "Mom, please be careful! That is esstremely DANGEROUS!"

This weekend Uncle Roger, Aunt Carol and Grandma Rezek have been here.  Alex was "helping" Roger with his wood carving.  Alex asked, "Uncle Roger, have you ever carved a bat?" Roger anwered, no.  Alex said, "I really love bats! They are my favorite animal. You should maybe carve one sometime. I am sure you would LOVE it!"  We will have to wait to see if Roger gets the hint.

The Lynch, Jacobs and Grandma Rezek were here to see Jordan in Music Man, Jr. this weekend, unfortunately it was cancelled due to some structural issues with the theater.  Alex was talking about Jordan in the play, explaining his parts and songs his brother sings.  Then he told them about the play he was in last year, Alice in Wonderland, Jr.  Alex said, "Jordan was the too shiny cat." - took a a bit to figure this one out but he was trying to say Cheshire cat!

And finally, last week he came back from a friend's house and told me he was going to marry Leah, she's 18, I think.  What can I say? He loves older women! Sarah, Leah, Julia, Emma...


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