Thursday, February 16, 2012

Playing with Knives?!?!

Alex is always full of questions...random questions! Last night was not any different. We were eating fettuccine with chicken. No knives were necessary for any of the food we were eating.

This is the conversation we had:
Alex: Mom, when will I be allowed to have a knife?
Me: Well, I don't think you need one right now but you can grab a butter knife out of the drawer if you really need one.
Alex: No, I mean a big sharp knife! When can I use one of those?
Me: When you are old enough not to cut off a finger.
Alex: Well, what if there was a robber in our house and he had you, dad and Jordan all tied up and the only way for me to save you was to get the big, sharp knife?
Me: Well then I guess you could get the big knife out.
Alex: YES!!

I really don't think he will need a knife if he just pulls out this face!
Picture courtesy of Colleen Stordahl!

Happy Valentine's Day

Alex had to write 24 Valentine's out for his teachers and classmates. We made a deal, he wrote his name and I got to write the names of his classmates and probably saved both of us some time and heartache!! We started on Sunday night...
Kalie painted pictures during the day while everyone else was at school.
Valentine's waiting for the kids when they got home from school. It nearly killed Kalie not to be able to eat the chocolates while waiting for the kids to get home!!

100 Day!

Friday was the 100 day celebration at school. Alex woke up early enough to have a 'real' breakfast complete with 'super juice.' Super juice is Naked Juice uncle Lyle bought for us a few weeks ago. It's green, Alex's favorite color, and has lots of good stuff in it. Alex was pretty impressed with the green moustache he had after drinking his juice.
The class celebrated with fun activities including making cereal necklaces. Alex ate his for a snack as soon as he got home!
We can now count to 100 by ones and tens and do it all the time! Now Alex wants to know if he can be in 1st grade since he completed 100 days as a Kindergartner! Soon enough he will be!!

February 8

Alex had to have some cavities filled yesterday morning at the dentist so he got to spend the day at home with Kalie and I. He did a great job! He wasn't given any novocain so he wasn't numb but was a bit loopy after the "laughing gas."

Kalie spent the day in the tutu we got from a friend when Kendra was little. She wore it EVERYWHERE!! Little purple ruffles can brighten anyone's day!!
Coloring on the floor before going with Alex to the dentist.


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