Saturday, March 17, 2012

Happy Chad Patrick's Day!!

The cake before baking.

Alex working hard on his 'card' for Chad.

Everyone needs a breakfast in bed donut!

The finished product. Chad isn't a fan of St. Patrick's day everything for his birthday but..Alex loves green and declared today the best day ever because it is his dad's birthday AND everything is green!

The boys being silly.

Finished cake. Turned out pretty cute. Next time I will have to devise a plan to keep the colors from running.

Is it really March 16?

Kalie and I found a bunch of pinecones at the park in the morning so we decided to make some bird feeders with them this afternoon. Hard to believe that they were wearing shorts and t-shirts!!

Kalie the pirate princess.


Wednesday, Feb 29 was not only Leap Day but also a snow day!! The kids had a great time on their day off!!
Contrary to Kalie's expression they were having fun!


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