Thursday, December 13, 2007

ECFE Holiday Open House 2

The main reason we went to the open house was to get a picture taken with Santa. Alex thought it was a good idea until he walked in! This is the picture we have for this year, hopefully this won't keep up. Jordan used to hide under the steps at our old church when Santa would come to our Christmas party there so his face in this picture just kills me...he knows Alex is scared but thinks it is funny because Santa is nice.
Jordan and another older sibling (a friend from school) play with the shaving cream that was put out for the younger kids...not sure who had more fun, the big kids or the little kids.
Alex giving Mrs. Pease a squeeze. He loves her!

ECFE Holiday Open House

Alex spraying shaving cream on a picture of Santa to make his beard. He loves playing with shaving cream and wants to shave with Chad in the morning every chance he gets so this station was especially fun for Alex.
Another of his favorite stations was the snow the teachers brought in to play with. Kendra liked it too. They played with the polar bears and timber wolves in the snow.
Alex with Ms. Johanna at the open house. One of his favorite teachers.
Mrs. Pease was wearing a light up necklace. Like Alex needed another reason to love her! Mrs. Pease has been a favorite of the Carew boys since we move to MN when Jordan was 3. She is the librarian that leads the toddler story hour on Wednesday mornings that we attend. She brings her guitar and lets us sing silly songs (Wheels on the Bus - A giraffe rides the bus in her version) and then plays our favorite song of all, "The Silly Dance Contest" buy Jim Gill. Alex loves to say "Pease Freeze" when the song tells us to freeze.

Tae Kwon Do - Jordan is an Orange Belt Now!

Jordan tested for his Orange Belt on Friday, Dec 7. He passed! And he got a special award for his good grades (all A's!). Here he is sparing / self defense forms with his instructor Adam.
Standing at attention between forms.
Jordan with Grand Master Ro and his regular instructor Scott.
The group of 7 from Litchfield Comm Ed that tested on Friday. Everyone passed!!


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