Tuesday, November 04, 2008

Halloween 2008

Well Halloween went off without a hitch! Alex started out the day as Buzz Lightyear and ended the night as Tuck the Turtle from Wonderpets. Jordan was a crusade knight and enjoyed his evening with friends.


Tish said...

hi there! thanks for stopping by my blog. regarding eczema, i am currently using some 1% aveeno hydrocortisone (sparingly) and some baby lotion i found at walgreens (it's in M's room right now and he is sleeping...so i think it is called gentle naturals or soemthing like that. it has baby piglet and baby pooh bear on the front...let me know if you need more specific info.

we've tried eucerin products, pressed coconut oil, etc PLUS we run a humidifier in his room at night and naps, PLUS i do not bathe him every night. in fact, i try to do every third night or so with an aveeno baby wash not the lavendar kind!) however, he has a few patches that will NOT go away.

hope you find soemthing that works for you! my cousin heard that putting baby to bed in a dampish set of pajamas with a dry set over them works but neither of us want to try that.

Anonymous said...


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