Sunday, July 19, 2009

Beginning of June 09

Alex started Comm. Ed. tennis...this is how he spent most Mon and Wed mornings...messing with the string on his racket rather than using it to hit the ball. It did get better by the end of lessons though!

Michelle and all the girls came to visit for a day. Aunt Katie took them for a walk (Brave Girl!) and bought them each a slushie...she is the best!

We went to the annual "Breakfast on the Farm" hosted by the local radio station and the Meeker Co. Dairy Assoc and got to see all the little calves, and have a great breakfast!

Jenny is, thankfully, no longer this pregnant! This was one month before Kalie was born.

Jordan, Chad and Alex "acked" down Grandma Ginny's apple tree...too many bees and not enough apples for the trouble!
Alex helping Kendra on the "beam" at the park. Sometimes they actually like each other...who knew?

Kendra thanking her rescuer. She was being attacked by a mean robot and Alex "zzzzz'ed" it for her.

Wyatt's Baptism.

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