Monday, January 09, 2012

January 4-8

Skiing at Powder Ridge...again! This time it was just the boys skiing. Alex got to participate in the Kids' Club ski lessons then was brave enough to ride the chair lift with his brother...7 times!! I can only imagine what they are saying to each other as they ride up, hopefully it was nice!!
Jordan enjoying the beautiful weather.

Legos from his cousin Ty...  
 lead to this much concentration!

Jordan's basketball game. That is him with the ball #10.
While Jordan plays, Alex and his Star Wars under the bleachers...
 or enjoy a snack in the bleachers. The kids really are good at the games but snacks go a LONG way!

"Really?!?! Really, mom?!?!"
Alex's favorite response to being told he can't do something. In this case it was playing in the alley.

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