Wednesday, August 29, 2012

End of Summer

Well, summer is coming quickly to an end and we have tried to pack as much in as possible! With summer's end comes new beginnings for the boys and I. I will be saying goodbye to the girls and daycare and starting a job at Alex's school. Alex will be in 1st grade and Jordan will be starting High School!! Here are a few pictures of our final adventures...

Made a trip to Dubuque to hang out with the Lynch Family and did all the tourist things
Rode the 4th Street elevator

Visited the Mississippi River Lock and
Dam at Eagle Point Park

Walked around the Mound with Sr. Catherine

And found Chad's dad's name at the war memorial by the river.

Family Camping Adventure - 10 kids + 5 adults = Total Blast!! We have already committed ourselves to doing it again next year (or next month!)

Annual Mom and Kid trip "To North" with Michelle and her girls

We found  caterpillars
Went bowling when it rained

Hunted for fossils at the Hill Annex Mine
Found a Red Bellied Snake
Jumped off the pontoon

Swam in the lake and had a blast!

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